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This page will contain hopefully current pictures of interest


Greeting Table
This is where the grandchildrens flowers were displayed as to colors being a male shades escape me. But there were purple flowers in abundance in all but this one.

Childrens Arrangement
My Appologies to Darla, sigh forgot to turn off the Lamp. This had many purple flowers it it. It would have made mom smile.

From the residents of Horizon Towers
This was sent by the residents of her building.

From the church

From the kind people I work with

Diederich home place
This is A current picture of the 315 Day street home as of 03/28/2007

Site of the Williams house
This was taken at the Williams home site as of 03/28/2007

Dads Flag at the Decorah Campground
When Craig Hunt heard of moms passing he lowered dads flag to half mast. This was shot on 03/28/2007