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This page will contain the Diederich pictures before the marriage of Pete and Arrlowayne most of which my knowledge of is incomplete. These will be going up in random order as I am posting them as I find them. I will attempt to place them time wise if possible. Should I make a mistake please forgive me and dont hesitate to email me with corrections. If any one knows details or has a caption to any please email me


Alexander and Ann Diederich wedding picture.

Rear left to right: Aunt Johanna Jacobs, Aunt Bertha Jacobs, Grandma Diederich Aunt Theresa Diederich, Aunt Lizzie ans Aunt Julia Flick. Front: Uncle Ed Friedah and Aunt Lena Friedah(Alex's sister)

Peter, Paul, and Ellen Diederich

Peter and Paul Diederich

Names as listed on the back are: Irene Krovcks,Betty K,Peter Diederich,and Joe k.

Peter and Ernie Gruewell

Peter Diederich
1940 or 1941 at CC camp

As written on the back one is Ruth Diederich the other people are not named

Alex Diederich Jr. on the left, Betty Diederich seated and the others are Diederich cousins.

Arin Elrie and Peter Diederich

Geneva Solem and Ernie Gruewell

Date 1942
Peter Diederich

Peter Diederich
This is a service picture of Peter J. Diederich from the early 40s is my guess.

Maui April 1944

Betty Diederich

Ruth Diederich

Diederich Family Picture

Leo and Ellen Huegal

Rear left to right Ellen Heugel and Anne Diederich. Front left to right Mary Heugel Grandma Jacobs.

Paul and Sue Diederich.

Frank and Ruth Wiglien

Floyd and Rosemary Reuter

Rear: Rosemary and Floyd Reuter, Alex and Anne Diederich. Front: Betty and Alex Jr Diederich.

Bart and Betty Bashe

Alexander Jr. and Ione Diederich

Leo and Ellyn Huegal and boys.

Front left to right: Floyd Reuter, Alex Diederich, snd Leo Heagel Rear: left to right Bart Bashi and Frank Wiglien.

Ruth (Diederich) Wiglien

Ann, Peter Darla, Jim Diederich and Grandma Jacobs


Left to right: John Jacobs, Ann Diederich, and Nick Jacobs

Diederich Family.
I think this was taken at Grandma Anns Birthday in 1982. Seated left to right: Ann Diederich,and Ruth Weglien. In the rear left to right: Arrlowayne Diederich,Peter Diederich,Ellen Laurens,Vince Laurens,Paul Diederich,Betty Basche,Bart Basche,Frank Weglien,Ione Diederich,and Alexander Diederich Jr.

Ruth Weglien,Alex Diederich and Ione Diederich