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Jim and Ellyn Diederich wedding picture

Wedding Picture.
Left to right: Allyn Mincks,Gladys Mincks,Ellyn Diederich,Jim Diederich,Arrlowayne and Peter Diederich

Jim and Ellyn Diederich
Wedding picture June 20th 1970

Anthony Diederich
Febuary 22 1971

Anthony Diederich

Anthony Diederich

Three Generation
This picture is George Williams, Dee Williams, James Diederich, and Anthony Diederich. My best guess would be Xmas of 1971.

Ada Sibert and Anthony Diederich
This picture must have been taken around 1972

Anthony Diederich

Anthony Diederich

Arrlowayne and Anthony DIederich
Christmas Picture December 1971. First time crawling on his knees.

Anthony Diederich
19 months old.

2years 3 months

4 generations
Left to right: Peter,Ann,Anthony,and James Diederich

Anthony Diederich

Anthony Diederich school picture.
3rd grade 1979-1980

Anthony and Amber Diederich

Dee Williams and Amber Diederich
Late 1981 or early 1982.

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